• Refurbished Kodak NexPress 2100 Plus

    Refurbished Kodak NexPress 2100 Plus

    Grow Your Business

    The Kodak NexPress 2100 plus digital production color press builds on the strengths NexPress is known for: quality, consistency, reliability, and uptime. Combining the ruggedness of a production-class press with the flexibility of a printer, the NexPress 2100 plus press produces high-quality prints with industry-benchmark consistency, more often and more efficiently.

    You reap the benefits: satisfied, loyal customers and a strong bottom line.

    Design your own press

    The fully modular NexPress 2100 plus press can be configured to match your business and printing requirements. Add extra feeders or delivery modules to increase the paper capacity of the press. Put more processing power on the Kodak NexStation IV front end for extremely demanding applications. Create additional revenue streams and attract new customers by configuring the press with a Kodak NexPress fifth imaging unit, which not only delivers spot color, watermarking and protective coating but also enables high-impact glossing.

    The modularity of the NexPress 2100 plus press enables you to design the press you need- and redesign it when your requirements change, as they inevitably will. The press grows with your needs.

    Do it all

    The NexPress 2100 plus press is a market leader in substrate types, sizes, weights and thicknesses. Print on coated or uncoated paper, textured stocks, labels, synthetics, and transparencies. Select from a wide range of light substrates for statements, invoices, and technical documentation. Select from an equally wide range of heavy substrates for direct mail applications, point of purchase signage and packaging. Print posters and book covers on the largest sheet sizes.

    With the NexPress 2100 plus press, you'll never need to say no to customers, even those with the most challenging requirements.

    Control uptime and operating costs

    The NexPress 2100 plus press is designed for an unprecedented level of user serviceability, with over 40 operator replaceable components (ORCs) and a world-class, onboard knowledge base and diagnostic system.

    This unique service model enables and empowers operators to manage the use of parts, maximise uptime and raise productivity. Higher productivity directly drives higher margins and greater competitiveness for your business.


    • Print Speed- 700 ppm
    • Print Resolution- 600 x 600
    • Max Paper Size- 13.8" x 18.5"
    • Refurbished

    Refurbished Kodak NexPress 2100 Plus

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