• Printek MtP400 Series

    Printek MtP400 Series

    MtP400 printers are rugged, four-inch portable thermal printers that are ideal for label printing, as well as receipts, maps, and schematics.

    Designed to print in any orientation, the printer can be easily transported, mounted in a vehicle, or carried on a belt or shoulder. Couple that with the printer's wide range of media options and you'll find the MtP400 to be the perfect mobile printing partner for your needs.

    MtP series printers feature best-in-breed power management, full on board menu selections, a useful suite of integration and configuration utilities and tools, advanced security features on Bluetooth��_��__��_��__ models, and emulations of popular printer brands. MtP400 Series printers also feature flexible communications options, including serial��_��__��_��__��_��__RS232 (standard), IrDA, Bluetooth, and 802.11. MtP printers are a virtual drop-in solution for many existing mobile printing applications.


    • Print Speed- 3.3 ips
    • Label Size- 4.1"

    Printek MtP400 Series

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