• Printek MtP300 Series - (MtP300


    "Rugged and easy to use, the MtP300 Series is a reliable workhorse that provides graphic-rich labels, wireless communication, quick production of receipts, and resistance to accidental damage.

    MtP series printers feature best-in-breed power management, full on board menu selections, a useful suite of integration and configuration utilities and tools, advanced security features on Bluetooth® models, and emulations of popular printer brands. Truly mobile, this lightweight printer can be used in any orientation and can be mounted or carried.

    MtP300 printers are a virtual drop-in solution for many existing mobile printing applications and can accommodate a wide range of media options."


    • Print Speed- 3.3 ips
    • Label Size- 2.8"

    Printek MtP300 Series - (MtP300

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