• Microplex Solid F90HD

    Microplex Solid F90HD

    The SOLID F90HD offers a rare combination of Technology that results in a truly versatile, mid-range production, wide format, continuous form laser printer, at a fraction of the cost of any competitive product! The 17" print width allows for full 2-up Letter output for fast and efficient production print. The switchable 300x300 or 600x600 dpi print resolution, produces perfect barcode production and also nice greyscale output, as well. The Flash Fusing technology of the F90HD offers quality fusing of the printed image, on a very wide variety of media, due to much lower fusing temperature versus the standard Heat/Pressure fusing of many other laser printer products. In addition to these listed technologies, the F90HD also includes a superior, automated powered media Stacker, AT NO CHARGE, which is not only a savings of thousands of DOLLAR$, but also reduces on-site Service costs! A great solution in batch, mid-range production, print applications such as; PS labels, Tag, high-tack adhesives and various other specialty forms. A cost-effective, production laser printer, suited for markets and applications such as; Monthly Statements, Banking, Distribution, Grocery, Manufacturing and Apparel industries.


    • Print Speed 90ppm
    • Print Resolution- 600 x 600 dpi
    • Max Paper Size- 18" x 11"
      • Microplex Solid F90HD

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