• Infoseal PS 100

    Infoseal PS 100

    The PS100 folder sealer offers quality and robust construction not found in small to medium volume machines which are in its class. It uses two pairs of large diameter solid steel sealing rollers which are the core of any high-quality pressure seal machine. The PS100 uses the same design and construction in its sealing section as its higher volume cousins the PS400, PS600, and PS800.

    Fitting easily into any office environment the PS100 will work with your existing impact or laser printer. It folds and seals your forms at a comfortable 6,500 forms per hour which fit well with the workflow of processing medium volumes of pressure seal forms.

    Paper flow is electronically monitored, and the system will automatically shut down in the event of interruption; you can immediately begin operations without disrupting document sequence or count. In addition, an outfeed counter is a standard feature, to allow easy calculation of processed documents.

    The PS100 is a no compromise design at a very competitive price. The old saying "you get what you paid for" was never truer.


    • Print Speed- 108 forms per minute
    • Monthly Duty Cycle- 50,000

    Infoseal PS 100

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