• HP Indigo ws4500

    HP Indigo ws4500

    The HP Indigo WS4500 dramatically lowers your production costs when compared to label and packaging production when using conventional printing. This machine offers a comprehensive end to end resolution. A few features this machine offers are production flexibility, an arsenal of services, one-shot color printing, as well as labels and packaging.


    • Print Resolution: 812 x 812 dpi, 812 x 1624 dpi when printing in high resolution
    • Printing Speed: Up to 50 feet per min. in 4 color, up to 100 feet per min. in 1 or 2 color
    • Max Page Size: 12.13��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��___ x 17.72��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��___
    • Refurbished

    HP Indigo ws4500

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