• Dascom 2540/24 Dot Matrix Printer

    Dascom T2540/24 Dot Matrix Printer

    DASCOM's mid range serial matrix printers include the T2240/T2340 series products. These printers feature great ergonomics as the paper is front-loaded rather than installed in the rear. With automatic top of form and zero-tear, the printers are easy to set up with no wasted forms. The products are ideal for back office applications which include retail, local government, hospitals, warehousing, and distribution. They include printing labels, shipping documents, and multipart forms. Both 9 and 24 pin models are available for different print quality requirements; narrow and wide format machines offer the choices of small footprint and diverse range of forms. In line with market demands, the new printers are quieter and easier to use than competitive products in their class. All products support graphics and barcodes.


    • Print Speed- 409-413 cps
    • Carriage- Narrow and Wide Formats Available

    Dascom 2540/24 Dot Matrix Printer

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