• Dascom T2380 Dot Matrix Printer

    Dascom T2380 Dot Matrix Printer

    Unsurpassed excellence. That defines the rugged high powered T2380 printer. Built to leave a lasting impression on your productivity, this high-speed workhorse exemplifies what rugged durability is all about. With its advanced 24-pin print head, the 2380 is engineered to perform at a blistering pace even in the harshest of operating environments. You're assured of top-shelf performance, crisp, clear and reliable print quality and a machine you can count on when your performance is what counts.

    Low running costs and durability in the harshest of print environments make these products excellent value for money.

    Fully automated operation, coupled with the 'straight through' paper path, allows ease of use and virtually eliminates errors caused by user intervention.

    These products are well matched to Microsoft Windows applications and highly compatible with other host operation environments including legacy systems


    • Print Speed- 1000 cps
    • Carriage- Wide

    Dascom T2380 Dot Matrix Printer

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