• Dascom T2365 HD Dot Matrix Printer

    Dascom T2365 HD Dot Matrix Printer

    The T2365 HD and T2380 printers represent the top of the line print speeds, rugged durability and unsurpassed performance under the most extreme conditions. These workhorse printers guarantee crisp, dark, clear and legible print thanks to the advanced engineering of the 24 pin print head. This head is built for long life and a heavy workload so even in the most challenging operating environment, you can be assured of the best in quality and performance. Low running costs and durability in the harshest of print environments make these products excellent value for money. Fully automated operation, coupled with the 'straight through' paper path, allows ease of use and virtually eliminates errors caused by user intervention. These products are well matched to Microsoft Windows applications and highly compatible with other host operation environments including legacy systems.


    • Print Speed- 700-840 cps
    • Carriage-Wide
      • Dascom T2365 HD Dot Matrix Printer

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