• Dascom T2250 Dot Matrix Priner

    Dascom T2250 Dot Matrix Printer

    The T2150 and T2250 are highly featured, reliable and stylish machines. Performance and workload, ergonomics, maintainability, excellent price - everything has been incorporated to ensure they are the only acceptable choice for the customer. Continuous and cut forms are fed at the front for quick and easy loading. This ensures a straight path for the forms resulting in reliable paper transportation, even on 6-part stock. Loading paper is easier. The operator does not have to fumble over or around the printer to gain access to rear located tractors. If 'tear at top of form' is inadequate for your application, the T2150S features a cutting device which separates forms automatically. User intervention is kept to a minimum with a suite of features designed to ensure the products run at optimum reliability and performance. The product is at home in the computer room, data processing room, or in the office. An unobtrusive 52dBA acoustic rating results in a printer, which is half as quiet, compared with many competitive models.


    • Print Speed- 900 cps
    • Carriage- Wide

    Dascom T2250 Dot Matrix Priner

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