• Dascom LA48N/LA48W Dot Matrix Printers

    Dascom LA48N/LA48W Dot Matrix Printers

    The narrow-carriage LA48N and wide-carriage LA48W are designed for a broad spectrum of applications and are specially optimized for the DEC� environment. There�۪s support for DEC�ANSI, IBM� ProPrinter� X24e, and Epson� ESC/P2 emulation.

    The 24-pin print head produces clear, crisp output of texts and graphics. The printer has nineteen resident fonts and eight resident bar code fonts ensuring fast, high-quality text and dependable barcode printing.

    The printer offers simple switching of paper types and auto tear-off functionality. Parking continuous forms make it easy to switch between continuous forms and single sheets. Continuous forms are automatically fed up to the tear-off position at the end of each job.

    With a maximum noise level of only 49 dB(A), the LA48N and LA48W are very quiet printers compared with many competitive models.


    • Print Speed- 400cps
    • Carriage- Narrow and Wide Formats

    Dascom LA48N/LA48W Dot Matrix Printers

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