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planetpress design

PlanetPress Companion ModulesIncluded with all workflow products is PlanetPress Design, which allows you to design transactional business documents from scratch or re-purpose and enhance existing ones. This user-friendly design tool allows you to create and modify documents at will. No more settling for “standard” formats or expensive pre-printed forms. 

If you want to use your current output, you can also capture PDF files or print streams from any Windows-based applications.

All documents created with PlanetPress Design can have built-in conditions and rules to dynamically add barcodes, graphics/logos, page numbers, targeted marketing messages or envelope inserter controls. These dynamic elements can all be generated by the information found in the original data. The possibilities are limitless.


  • Supports input data in almost any format. AS400, Unix, Windows, PDF…
  • Features intuitive interface
  • Enables you to design simple to complex business documents with conditional text, images, graphics or pages
  • Uses drag and drop functionality to design documents or to apply business rules and conditions
  • Allows you to create data-driven graphics and charts
  • Inserts barcodes, graphics & logos, page numbers, targeted marketing messages or envelope inserter controls based on business rules
  • Generates industry-standard barcodes, including 1D, 2D, and OMR
  • Offers real-time preview
  • Includes scripting language, PlanetPress Talk, for unique applications or complex requirements
  • Controls your printers’ finishing features automatically
  • Ensures color consistency by relying on advanced color management functions that adjust to printer and monitor profiles


  • Eliminate expensive preprinted business forms
  • Improve corporate image with professional looking documents
  • Add targeted trans-promotional messages to your outbound documents based on customer information in your database
  • Improve the functionality of documents by manipulating their content and layout.
  • Modify documents, in real time, based on ever changing business needs.
  • Create a custom document for your needs instead of working on a standard “form” or existing document
  • Eliminate unreadable additional copies.  Now each copy is a clean and crisp original.
  • Assemble custom packets dynamically
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