OL Connect

Variable Data Printing Software

PlanetPress Connect

Capture OnTheGo BrochureWith Objectif Lune's new technology OL Connect we're allowing customers to migrate from a "physical print world" to a more digital way of communicating. The idea behind the change is to bring customers access to the latest communication technologies without having to overhaul their IT infrastructure and helping them better communicate with their customers.  

With PlanetPress Connect, the statement we're making is that sustainable business relationships are built by meaningful interactions with your customers. A toolset for printed and digital communications. Interactive communications that engage your customers.

 PReS Connect

OL ConnectHigh-volume business communication management PReS helps you manage high volume correspondence (transactional, promotional, corporate, etc), by covering all aspects of a document life-cycle.

 PrintShop Mail Connect

PrintShop Mail Connect is a standalone variable data composition tool designed to make the creation and production of targeted promotional communications simple. Now you can design for print and email using one tool, without the need for plug-ins to external design software. 

Dynamic Digital Communications with OL Connect


Modules & Options

OL Connect is one technology bundled into three products:

  • PlanetPress Connect
  • PReS Connect
  • PrintShop Mail Connect

Capture OnTheGo BrochureAll three products share common features, but each software is unique. This document explains the specific features of each software package.

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