PlanetPress Capture The Process

PlanetPress Capture- Process

A document is printed by the PlanetPress Suite, with a unique pattern in the background, wherever information needs to be captured. These documents are printed on plain paper by standard laser printers (no special forms or paper are required).

The form is then written on with the Anoto digital pen that looks and writes like a regular ballpoint pen. The signatures, handwritten changes/data from the document is then instantly transmitted via USB or wireless connection back to the server.

The original document is merged with the captured information to create a completed PDF that is distributed according to business rules. Lastly, it is archived automatically into your existing document management system.

The five step process is quite simple. Here's how it works:

  • Seamlessly capture data from almost any source: iSeries, Unix, Linux, Windows or PDF.
  • Create documents or use and enhance your existing ones with the PlanetPress Design tool. Print fast with optimized output.
  • Sign and make changes to documents as usual, except now with the digital pen.
  • Transmit the captured information instantly and integrate it with the original document to create a final PDF. This eliminates the scanning process.
  • Workflow your documents based on business rules. Automatically print, email and fax documents as well as archive into any document management system.
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