PlanetPress Capture OnTheGo

Carry your forms...NOT the paper 

Capture OnTheGo: The must-have solution for Field Force Automation.

Capture OnTheGo BrochureA comprehensive toolkit that gives you full control to access all your documents from start to finish. Once signed off, they are sent back to the system immediately. Attachments such as photos, hand-written annotations, geo-location or any information that is relevant to the file can also be easily added.

Secure Document Sharing

Your documents and forms ready for download are pushed to the mobile application and will remain available in the user’s library even when offline.

Users and user groups can be easily managed so they only have access to what they are entitled to, and what is relevant for them to see.

Are you looking to shorten your order to cash cycle?With Capture OnTheGo, documents can also be sorted and searched by client name or document category

  • Design your HTML forms and use data from your various systems
  • Distribute them to people in the field
  • Forms are viewed and completed
  • Validate before sending
  • Capture and store data as soon as it arrives & trigger any process


  • Mobile Application
  • Wireless Printing
  • Web Admin Panel
  • Workflows automation, to and from the Mobile application with PlanetPress Connect 
  • File sending with multi-media content
  • Online and offline modes
  • Icons to visualize documents status 

Capture OnTheGo Explained

Capture OnTheGo Explained
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