PlanetPress Capture: How It Works

PlanetPress Signature Capture

The Paper

This technology requires no special paper or forms; documents are printed on standard laser printers.

PlanetPress Signature Capture

The Pattern

Our design tool allows you to place a unique pattern on a document wherever information needs to be captured. This grayscale pattern is unobtrusive and appears like a light shading in the capture fields. The pattern is an area of offset dots that function like a barcode. These dots create a unique ID that forms a logical link between transactional forms and handwriting. The Anoto digital pen has been designed to record and track pen strokes written in these patterned areas.

PlanetPress Signature Capture

The Digital Capture Pen

The Anoto digital pen looks and feels like a normal ballpoint pen. It contains an integrated digital camera, an advanced image microprocessor, memory and a mobile communications chip for wireless connection. The pen captures signatures, handwritten changes and data written on the patterned area of the document. It is simply using a pen the way you normally would so there is no need to change any of your business processes. Although you use the Anoto digital pen like a normal pen, it is extremely rugged; it can handle harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

PlanetPress Signature Capture

Transmission & Conversion

The captured pen strokes can be transmitted instantly in one of two ways:

PlanetPress Signature Capture


By ticking a box on the paper, the pen understands that as a "send" command. Data is transmitted back to the server via a mobile phone, modem or direct Bluetooth connection.

PlanetPress Signature Capture

Via USB Port

The Anoto digital pen connects to any PC through the USB dock. When the pen is docked, the handwriting and data are automatically posted to the PlanetPress Production which runs on an in-house server.

PlanetPress Signature Capture

The captured handwriting and data are merged with the original document to create a PDF, eliminating the need to scan paper forms back into your system.

These PDFs can be distributed in a number of ways via an automated workflow. The workflow is configured based on your business rules. The final digital document can also integrate seamlessly into your existing document management system for automatic archiving.

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