PlanetPress Capture Features and Benefits

planetpress capture features and benefits


  • No special paper is required, prints on regular copy/printer paper.
  • The Anoto digital pen captures handwriting in patterned areas printed with the PlanetPress Suite.
  • The Anoto digital pen looks, feels and writes just like a ordinary ballpoint pen.
  • The pen contains an integrated digital camera, an advanced image microprocessor, memory and a mobile communications chip for wireless connection.
  • The pen is extremely rugged; it can handle harsh environments and extreme temperatures.
  • The signatures and other handwriting can be transmitted back to the server via USB or wireless connection.
  • The handwriting and original document are merged to create a final PDF.
  • The final digital documents can be indexed and archived in an existing document management system.

Trigger real-time business processes at point of signature with PlanetPress Caputre


  • Save time and money by significantly reducing or even eliminating scanning.
  • Save money on expensive pre-printed forms. Create new or enhance existing forms in the PlanetPress Design tool and print them on plain paper as needed.
  • Customize your forms according to your needs. No limitations.
  • Make changes to your templates on the fly. No throwing away pre-printed forms that become obsolete.
  • Print the unique capture pattern on your form, only where needed. Save toner.
  • Use the pen like a typical ballpoint pen. No training required.
  • Transmit the captured information wirelessly through a smart phone or modem. No bulky pads or laptops to carry.
  • Receive the captured signatures and handwriting in real time. No more waiting for documents to be returned or shipped back to any office.
  • Eliminate lost or damaged forms.
  • Automatically and instantly route documents, whether completed or in need of attention, to the appropriate departments based on business rules.
  • Reduce or eliminate errors due to manual processes.
  • Retrieve digital documents quickly and easily. No more misfiled documents.

PlanetPress Suite - Digitializing your archive files
archive your old files digitally

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