Are you thinking of replacing your  entire ERP system?

Completely replacing your ERP system has some major drawbacks:

  • Teaching your employees how to use it can cost you a lot of money.
  • Malfunctions and downtime can disrupt your workflows, costing you even more.
  • The new system might conflict with the programs that different departments use.

don't-replace-ERP---cover.jpgInstead of getting rid of your old ERP system, consider enhancing it with an electronic Proof-of-Delivery (e-POD) platform. With an e-POD system, you can:

  • Access your forms from a mobile device
  • Capture signatures and modify orders on the spot
  • Streamline your workflows and lower your operating costs

Want to learn more about the benefits of implementing an e-POD system? Fill out the form to download our eBook: “Don’t Replace Your ERP System – Enhance It.”

How to Simplify your proof of delivery process
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