Use Case: Field Source Automation

Acme Widgets is a medium-sized retailer that has an online store as well as a chain of brick and mortar.

From their central warehouse, the deliver widgets to local businesses.


Acme Widgets used to manage its own delivery logistics using paper. All of their deliveries and invoicing were done manually using printed delivery notes that each driver carried in their

  • High cost of paper, often pre-printed stationery.
  • Papers often got lost or damaged during transport and handling.
  • Paper quickly stacked up in messy piles back at the office.
  • Handwritten scribbles made adjustments unreliable and difficult to record.
  • Unreadable scanned delivery notes cause issues when matching purchase orders.
  • Unpleasant paper archiving processes made it difficult to retrieve documents.
  • Manual paper processes prevented clients from receiving their real time delivery statuses.
  • Delivery notes needed to pass through multiple hands before they were safely captured back into the system, a process taking days.

Every day that invoicing was delayed was another that slowed down Acme Widgets cash flow.


Delivery Ticket on tabletWith Capture OnTheGo, order to cash cycle is accelerated, with automated workflows and electronic documents that can be accessed remotely.

  • Using their mobile phones or tablets, drivers can automatically access the appropriate delivery notes at the beginning of every day.
  • If necessary, drivers can easily add photos if the package is damaged, and geo-location coordinates are automatically recorded upon the customer signing the document.
  • Changes to transactions like quantity accepted is sent back to headquarters instantly after the delivery and the system can be updated with accurate and reliable information.
  • The interface and forms presented on the tablets are all in Acme Widgets' own branding.
  • During the entire process, customers can receive communications for every step and exceptions are handled rapidly.
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