Paper, and the Challenges it Brings to Your Business

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Posted by Nikki Wardle on Apr 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The shortcomings and potential problems that paper causes in business processes is not a new topic, but one that continually gets overlooked because the pains to switch are perceived to be too great. As the speed of business increases and the need to differentiate yourself from the competition becomes a must, businesses have to look “outside the box” for solutions.

Business at the speed of paper isn't an option in today's fast-paced world. Customers, clients, and business partners expect you to be up to date with your technologies. If you're not, it'll show in your turnaround time, customer service, and internal productivity. Simply put, paper-based processes are slow and error-prone, and you can't afford to cling to them anymore.

It's Time to Leave Paper Behind

Manual, paper-based workflows are riddled with inaccuracies, particularly because there's so much hands-on work involved. It's easy for one person to make a small error that influences the next person's work, making the result even more inaccurate than before. Whether you're processing invoices, signing documents, or collaborating on a report, manual processes leave you open to significant issues. Here are some of the points where paper flat-out fails your business.

Paper Isn't Searchable

In an age where you can Google any question you can think of and find the nearest Thai restaurant with a voice command to your phone, you have to ask yourself; “does it make any sense to be shuffling through disorganized filing cabinets to find what I need?” No, it makes no sense at all. Digitized document processes put your records at your fingertips, facilitating fast searching that makes it a breeze to find the document you need when you need it.

Paper Isn't Easy to Share

How many of your employees have vaguely labeled baskets on their desks stuffed with paper? How many times has a folder been lost in someone's outbox while the whole office goes on a hunt for sensitive documents? Paper isn't mobile, at least not the way that digital files are. When you use secure digital documents and workflow software, you can be sure that your files will get where they need to go securely.

Paper Isn't Secure

This leads us to our final, and perhaps most important, point. Paper is an insecure medium that's fraught with vulnerabilities. Paper can be damaged beyond use, lost, or left out for unauthorized viewing. Paper can fade with time, can fall behind a desk and be forgotten, can exit the office in someone's briefcase on accident (or with ill intent). Why would you have your sensitive business information stored solely on this insecure, ancient technology?

If you'd like to learn more about using mobile forms and digital workflow software to get away from paper, contact us.

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