Is Paper a Problem in Your Office?

Stacks of paper taking over an office
Posted by Nikki Wardle on Jan 26, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Is paper a problem in your office? What about in your back office? How about in your customer delivery? If you are still using paper in your workflows, then it's likely a problem and you aren't alone.

Relying on paper is a folly that transcends industry, which is why so many are talking about it.

Here are a few paper stats that might make you consider how much you're spending (and frankly, wasting) on paper:

"$300 Billion annually is what companies are spending each year on services such as certified mail, courier, overnight express, and faxing." Darcy Fowkes, Aberdeen Group, Inc.

"Offices [are] generating more than 3 billion pages per day." Don Dixon, Senior Analyst, Gartner Dataquest

"Of the $300 billion market for delivery of paper-based documents, whether through the mail, overnight delivery, or fax, analysts think that as much as $100 billion could move to the Net in the next few years." Peter Burrows, Business Week

Don't Replace your ERP System - Enhance It

You can stop the madness though. Between sustainability initiatives and technological advances, digital solutions have been developed to replace nearly all possible uses for paper. Think about it:

  • E-mail has nearly replaced paper mail.
  • Note-taking apps render notepads useless.
  • Digital document solutions are reducing paper file storage.
  • Electronic signature capture eliminates the need for carbon copies.
  • Can you name a thousand more examples?

Is 2017 the year you resolve to improve your processes by reducing paper reliance?


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