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Posted by Nikki Wardle on Apr 13, 2017 9:00:00 PM

Imagine an office that follows you around wherever you go. Regardless of your location, this office lets you communicate with home base, access any documents you need, immediately process invoices, and more. This is the paperless office; specifically, it's the paperless office with Capture OnTheGo. Companies quickly realize that business at the speed of paper isn't an option anymore; in fact, clinging to paper-based processes could cause your business to fall dramatically behind your competition (and give you a few paper cuts in the meantime).

We've been discussing the reasons you should choose a paperless office extensively here on the Printer Source blog. Let's review what we've found.

Paper Was a Luxury; Now It's a Nuisance

Back in the day, paper was a luxury only the rich could afford. Books were the property of the wealthy and information was hard to come by. Not many people were literate because of this, and it wasn't easy to share knowledge.

As the printing press took hold, paper started to get into the hands of the common man. Paper reigned supreme for centuries until the age of the computer—and then everything changed.

Today, paper is the nuisance that office workers don't want to deal with. It slows down communication and is prone to error, loss, and theft. Paper may have been the property of kings at one point, but today, it's the bane of the modern office.

Too Many Businesses Are Clinging to Paper

Next, we discussed how there are a shocking number of businesses stubbornly keeping paper-based processes that cause inaccuracies and headaches for employees and customers. The benefits of going paperless include:

  • Better task automation
  • Lower employee burden
  • Better technology integration
  • Lower costs
  • Better communication and paperwork from in-field workers
  • Reduced errors
  • Less environmental impact

Paper Causes Problems in Your Business

Did you know there are more issues with paper than you may even realize? Your company is losing valuable time and money over paper-based processes. Here's why you should switch from paper.

  1. Paper isn't searchable
  2. Paper is hard to share
  3. Paper is not secure

Capture on the Go Cost CalculatorPaper is Out; Digital is In

Finally, we talked about why you should enhance your ERP system with digital solutions like digital signature capture and smart workflow software. Almost every small- to medium-sized business has frustrations with their ERP system; they tend to be limited pieces of software that can't meet all of your needs. But the most-referenced reason for keeping paper-based processes in business surveys is the need for signatures. Did you know that there are solutions that make capturing digital signatures easy, secure, and fast? Your ERP system can work alongside smart digital solutions that will save you a significant amount of money.

We can help you lower your dependence on unreliable, inefficient paper-based processes. If you're interested in learning more about our solutions that can make your business succeed and get away from paper, contact us today.

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